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From Thursday, September 26, to Sunday, September 29, 2019, cantors, singers, choir directors, clergy, and all those interested in church singing gathered for the second annual Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Singing Conference, “SingCon,” a weekend of prayer, learning, and fellowship at St. Basil’s Seminary in Stamford, Connecticut.  The gathering under the leadership of Deacon Daniel Galadza, and with the support of the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission, was organized by a group of American and Canadian cantors, church musicians, and other clergy and laypeople. The weekend's events were hosted by the Eparch of Stamford, Bishop Paul (Chomnycky), and Fr. Bohdan Tymchyshyn, rector of St. Basil’s Seminary.

From parishes in every corner of Canada and the United States—from Vancouver to California, from Florida to Boston—as well as participants from the UK and Germany—over seventy people attended the weekend gathering. Participants included many young adults; college students, young professionals and young married couples with children as well as several Roman Catholic and Orthodox participants. The youthful energy of the gathering facilitated spontaneous sight-reading sessions and dancing (including a kolomyjka) in the evenings, while the presence of Orthodox and Roman Catholics demonstrated the value of sacred music in strengthening ties between sister Churches and in ecumenical dialogue.

This year’s gathering continued  last year’s initial efforts to advance both the availability and  the quality of Church music in the English-speaking world by bringing together cantors and choir directors to meet one another, network, share resources, discuss various issues, and—most importantly—to pray together.

Four practical workshops were offered over the weekend, on 1)  the Divine Liturgy (using The Divine Liturgy: An Anthology for Worship published by the Sheptytsky Institute), 2) introducing Vespers into parishes, 3) services from the Trebnyk, or Book of Needs (Baptism, Marriage, Funerals), and 4) the sources of the Kyivan and Galician liturgical music tradition. Networking sessions during meals led by Linda Dudar covered topics such as how to develop a choir and how to trouble-shoot mistakes and misunderstandings that inevitably arise for leaders of church singing.

Participants divided the remainder of their time between rehearsals, tours of the Stamford Seminary Museum and Library, and the celebration of liturgical services (Vespers, Matins, the Hours, and the Divine Liturgy) with homilies by Fr. Martin Canavan and Fr. Joseph Matlak, culminating in a Saturday evening Vigil and Sunday morning Divine Liturgy. Bishop Bohdan (Danylo) of St. Josaphat Eparchy in Parma and the English-language coordinator of the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission presided and preached at the Vigil on Saturday evening and at the concluding Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the St. Basil Seminary Chapel. Roman Hurko’s new composition, The Jesus Prayer had its world premiere, sung by the choir during the Communion of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.

On Thursday evening, after Vespers, dinner, and a word of welcome from Bishop Paul  participants continued with a rehearsal and Town Hall/Armchair session moderated by Larisa Cronin, entitled “High Place, Altar, Krylos, Pew: Tell us, what’s your point of view?”, a forum for various perspectives on church singing in the UGCC, from bishops and priests to cantors and lay people. Metropolitan Borys (Gudziak), this year’s representative from the bishops, encouraged those present to continue their ministry of church singing and invited them to Philadelphia in 2020.

On Friday evening, cantor Joseph Roll gave a keynote address on the history of liturgical music at the Stamford Seminary. Professor Roll, who had organized similar church singing conferences in the 1980s and 1990s, provided an overview of the numerous liturgical translations and musical arrangements that were prepared in the seminary’s halls by its professors, clergy, and students, among them Fr. (later Patriarch) Lubomyr Husar, Mother Andrea of the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God, and Prof. Ivan Zadorozhnyj. The lecture received a standing ovation.

The members of the organizing committee included Larisa Cronin (Ottawa), Reader Ilya Galadza (Toronto), Deacon Daniel Galadza (Kyiv), Julian Hayda (Chicago), Namisha Hlus (Edmonton), Roman Hurko (New York), Deacon Cyril Kennedy (Washington, D.C.), Father Joseph Matlak (North Carolina), Melita Mudri-Zubacz (California), and Damein Zakordonski (Edmonton).

A key result of the conference is that the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission will have a better sense of the support, resources, and training that cantors, choir directors, and singers in the UGCC in North America need to fulfill their vocation. Participants expressed the urgent need for official translations and publication of liturgical books in both English and Ukrainian, as well as resources that will help them sing the services in those books.

SingCon’s focus on English-language liturgy and singing in the UGCC stems from the 2017 decision of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC to create local linguistic groups within the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission. At the encouragement of Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk) of Chicago, a committee was formed at this year’s SingCon to prepare statutes for the formation of the Church Music Association of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in North America. This business meeting was attended by, among others, Bishop Basil (Losten), Bishop Bohdan (Danylo), and representatives of the Church Music Association of America (https://musicasacra.com).

Information on the schedule and the music, as well as photos and videos from the weekend, can be found on the conference website (www.ugccmusic.com) and on the Facebook page of the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission (https://www.facebook.com/plc.ugcc/) with the hashtag #SingCon2019.

The next SingCon is scheduled for October 1-4, 2020, in Philadelphia, PA, hosted by the Philadelphia Archeparchy. For updates, subscribe to the mailing list on www.ugccmusic.com or write to hello[at]ugccmusic.com

UGCC SingCon Press Service

Photo by Julian Hayda



З 29 по 31 березня в семінарії St.Vincent de Paul, що на Boynton Beach, Florida, відбувся симпозіум за ініціативи Інституту Священничої Формації (IPF) на тему «Документ про формацію священиків Ratio Fundamentalis». Приймав активну участь ректорат, духівники, а також інші представники католицьких семінарій та єпархій зі Сполучених Штатів Америки. Представниками духовної семінарії Святого Василія Великого були отець-ректор Богдан Тимчишин та семінаристи Василь Ворох і Роман Кузьм’як.

У п’ятницю 29 березня симпозіум розпочався спільною вечерею та Святою Годиною з розважаннями у семінарійній каплиці. Проповідником був владика Joseph Hanefeldt.

Наступного дня, Архиєпископ Патрон Вонг, який є секретарем конгрегації в справах священничої формації, розпочав зі своєї презентації про головні аспекти та напрями формації майбутніх священників. Процитую, -- «Наша головна ціль – створити середовище яке формує перш за все доброго пастиря», – Архієпископ Патрон Вонг. Владика наголосив, що перевагу слід надавати духовній складовій, ніж академічній: «ми не виховуємо філософів, ми виховуємо послідовників Христа». За його словами, семінарія – це не просто духовний навчальний заклад, це установа, в якій, перш за все розвивають загальнолюдські чесноти, а пізніше – духовні. Більше того, покликання до священного життя не є режимом, роботою чи кар’єрою, а дар Божий, який потрібно плекати у спільноті. Після презентацій слухачі мали можливість поставити кілька питань архієпископу.

Під час бесіди з представниками семінарії Святого Василя, архієпископ Патрон Вонг записав повідомлення, яке було адресовано нашій семінарійній спільноті в Стемфорді, нашим священикам, нашим семінаристам, а також майбутнім покликанням Української Греко-Католицької Церкви в Сполучених Штатах.

«Я вдячний за цю можливість, з вашим ректором і двома братами семінаристами, щоб привітати вас і подякувати вам за ваше життя, за вашу цікавість до Христа і до Церкви. Ви, як говорить Папа Франциск, “сьогодення” Церкви. “Сьогоднішня” присутність Бога для суспільства. Тому, будь ласка, намагайтеся бути кращим місійним учнем Ісуса і наслідуйте приклад Марії. Її життя було пов'язане і повністю присвячене Ісусові Христові. Плід її життя відданий усьому людству. Знову ж таки, велике спасибі за ваш ентузіазм. І будь ласка, як каже Папа Франциск, моліться за мене, і я буду молитися за вас!»

У неділю 31 березня на завершення конференції було зачитано розповідь «Священик якого ми хочемо» яку написали парафіяни. Розповідь висвітлювала бачення та очікування самих парафіян щодо того, яким повинен бути майбутній духовний провідник. Насамперед, людиною молитви, добрим проповідником і «лідером з серцем пастиря». Симпозіум закінчився урочистою Мессою і обідом. На прощання Архієпископ Патрон Вонг висловив подяку всім хто приймав участь у симпозіумі і приділив декілька хвилин щоб поспілкуватися з семінаристами.






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21 квітня 2018 року відбувся день відкритих дверей у семінарї Святого Василія у Стемфорді, у якій взяли участь молоді хлопці із парафій Стемфордської єпархії Програма розпочалася Божественною Літурією, яку очолив владика Павло Хомницький, ЧСВВ. По завершенні Богослуження учасники заходу зареєструвалися і вислухали привітання від владики Павла і отця-ректора Романа Малярчука. Опісля отець-доктор Іван Кащак розповів гостям про семінарійне і академічне життя семінарії Святого Василія. Після обіду учасники програми взяли участь у екскурсії по території закладу, яку провів отець Ігор Міджак.Наступним кроком у програмі була презентація отця Івана Мазурика про покликання. Отець Іван Тихович продовжив презентації темою “Служіння ближньому”. По закінченні виступів учасники програми мали вільний час, під час якого вони мали змогу спілкуватися з семінаристами семінарії Святого Василія: Братом Василем, Братом Назарієм, Братом Маркіяном, Братом Іваном, Братом Володимиром та Братом Романом. Отець-духівник Мартин Канаван відправив вечірню для всіх присутніх. День відкритих Дверей завершився вечерею, спільним переглядом фільму та від’їздом гостей.

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20 квітня в залі Стемфордської семінарії Св. Василія відбулася презентація 2-томної монографії доктора наук, ректора УКУ, о. Богдана Праха “Духовенство Перемиської єпархії та Апостольскої адміністрації Лемківщини”.

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On Monday, January 1 2018, on the first day of the New Year, St. Basil Seminary celebrated the Feast of Circumcision of Jesus Christ and the feast day of its patron saint - St. Basil the Great. The feast began by the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Concelebrating with bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM were rector of St. Basil Seminary, Very Rev. Roman Malyarchuk, Msgr. John Squiller, Rt. Rev. Mitred Martin Canavan, Rev. Teodor Czabala, Rev. Kiril Manolev, Rev. Robert Markovitch, Rev. Olvian Popovici, Rev. Vasyl Behay and  Rev. Taras Chaparin. Seminarians, catechists and guests of St. Basil Seminary prayed together with the clergy by singing responses. After the conclusion of the festive Divine Liturgy, the celebration continued by delicious luncheon.



On November 5, 2017, Bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM, hosted the Connecticut State Festival Committee appreciation luncheon in St. Basil Seminary in Stamford for the volunteers and workers who helped make the 50th Connecticut State Ukrainian Day Festival in September such a success. Following the luncheon the proceeds of this year's event, totaling $20,000, were disbursed to the recipients by Festival Chairman, Donald Horbaty. The grateful recipients included St. Basil Seminary, the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, Catechists of the Sacred Heart, Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, and Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the war in eastern Ukraine. Since the Festival's inception in 1966, over $950,000 have been donated to worthy causes. A highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of a special plaque to Donald Horbaty in recognition of his participation in every Connecticut Ukrainian Day Festival since its beginning in 1966. May God bless all the volunteers! See you next September at the 51st Ukrainian Day Festival!



by Very Rev. Archpriest John M. Fields

Stamford, CT—The Patriarchal Catechetical Commission of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, under the chairmanship of Bishop Peter Stasiuk, C.Ss.R., Eparchy of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, held a two day meeting here, October 23-24, 2017 with the hierarchs and catechetical representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States.  The meeting is one of a series of meetings that the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission is holding throughout the world with eparchial catechetical commissions to assess the present status of catechetical formation and evangelization in the Ukrainian Catholic Church.  The findings will be presented at the Patriarchal Synod of Bishops in 2018.

The Monday session began with a welcome address from Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka from the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia.

In his remarks, Metropolitan Soroka expressed his optimism for the future of catechetical instruction and formation.

Metropolitan Stefan stated,  “We need to inspire new approaches to sharing the faith in life-giving and relevant ways.  My hope for this gathering is that we will focus on imaginative ways we can share the excellent catechism material which has recently been developed within our Ukrainian Catholic Church.  I am fearful that if we confine ourselves to traditional methods of teaching catechism, the results will continue to be minimal.

He asked, “Can we develop creative ways by which we can entice parents to seek catechism material on various websites?  Can we provide for the parents to study the material with their children and then to meet periodically in a group with a catechism teacher or with their parish priest?  Can we develop appealing short messages which might raise the interest of young minds and their parents to know more about their faith?  Such messages could be shared on websites, Facebook, twitter, and other such sites.”

Bishop Stasiuk addressed the topic, “We Have the Catechism (Christ, Our Pascha)—What Next?”  In his presentation he candidly expressed many of the difficulties that exist in parishes, from size, to lack of children, to commitment of parents, to secularization, that must be confronted in the present age.  He cited the need to transform parish life from one of maintenance to one of mission, drawing upon the central theme from the book of Father James Mallon, Divine Renovation: Bringing your parish from Maintenance to Mission.

Rev. Dr. Bryan Kelty made a presentation about the importance of Sacred Scripture in Catechetical Service and the interrelationship of both in the lifelong formation of Christians.

Considerable time was given to discussing the present state of catechesis with presentations from representatives of the Philadelphia Archeparchy and the eparchies of Stamford, Chicago and Parma.

Nazar Duda and Oksana Boiko, from the UGCC Patriarchal Catechetical Commission made presentations on catechesis for young adults and also on the materials that have been prepared by the UGCC Patriarchal Catechetical Commission.

Sister Luiza Ciupa, SSMI, a member of the Patriarchal Catechetical Commission, presented insights and the needs for updating the Catechetical Directory of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Bishop Benedict Aleksiychuk, from the St. Nicholas Eparchy of Chicago also made a presentation on the importance of liturgy to catechesis and how all the members of the entire church must strive to grow into experiencing a living faith, which must include all the services of our liturgical tradition.

In considering future needs, the group would like to see the establishment of a Metropolitan Catechetical Commission, the development of ongoing formation and certification programs for catechists, coordination of the list of catechetical materials available in both the English and Ukrainian languages, and the increased access of these materials on the internet for clergy, catechists, parents, youth, and all the faithful.

Metropolitan Stefan Soroka, Bishop Andriy Rabiy, Rev. Archpriest John M. Fields and Rev. Volodymyr Popyk represented the Philadelphia Archeparchy.

Bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM, Bishop emeritus Basil H. Losten, Sr. Eliane Ilnitski, SSMI, Rev. Kiril Angelov, Rev. Vasyl Colopelnic and Rev. Roman Malyarchuk were the representatives of the Stamford Eparchy.

Representing the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of St. Nicholas Eparchy in Chicago were Bishop Benedict Aleksiychuk, Kateryna Stasyuk and Rev. Volodymyr Kushnir.

Bishop Bohdan Danylo, Rev. Andrii Romankiv, Sr. Ann Laszok, OSBM, Zachary T. Svdiak,

Renata Harmatiy and Kathy Rudakewich were the participants from the Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, Ohio.

Metropolitan Soroka was the main celebrant during the Monday morning Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Chapel of St. Basil’s Seminary.  On Tuesday morning, Bishop Chomnycky was the main celebrant during the Divine Liturgy.



Many Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians attended the 50th annual Connecticut Ukrainian Day Festival on the campus of St. Basil Seminary, Stamford. Since Bishop Paul P. Chomnycky, OSBM, was in Ukraine for the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Most Rev. Basil H. Losten, Bishop Emeritus. Very Rev. Archpriest Edward Young, pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Ansonia, CT, preached the English and Ukrainian language homilies. Concelebrating the Divine Liturgy were Very Rev. Roman Malyarchuk, seminary rector, and Very Rev. Petro Shyshka, dean of New York Metropolitan area and Rev. Deacon Methodius Soroka, OSBM. Responses to the Liturgy were sung by St. Vladimir’s Cathedral choir, directed by Mr. Mykola Maksymiuk. The afternoon offered ethnic and picnic food; shopping at book, folk art, music and art kiosks; touring the museum and visits to the seminary chapel; and a program of instrumental music and Ukrainian Falk dance groups performed in the campus Hutzul pavilion. Roman and Olena Stanislavsky served as masters of ceremonies for the program which included the following performers: dance ensembles Kalynonka, Stamford, CT; Zolotyj Promin, Hartford, CT; instrumental and vocal groups: Carpathian Lads, duo; Stefanie and Melania Koronovski, duo, East Heaven, CT, Pavlyshyn Sister, duo, Brooklyn, NY; Iryna Lonchyna; Valeriy Zhmud, Kyiv, Ukraine; and Lanka Halychanka, choir, Hartford, CT.

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From right to left, 1st row: Very Rev. Archpriest Roman Malyarchuk, Rector, Msgr. Martin Canavan, Spiritual Director.

Second row: Roman Kuzmiak, Vasyl Vorokh, Volodymyr Sabalo, Ivan Manolev, Markiyan Dmyterko, Nazariy Dmyterko.

At a September 6th Divine Liturgy in the Seminary Chapel, Very Reverend Rector Roman Malyarchuk, blessed and presented cassocks to two new seminarians of St. Basil Seminary in Stamford, Roman Kuzmiak and Ivan Manolev. Concelebrating the Divine Liturgy along with the Very Reverend Rector were Msgr. Martin Canavan, Director of Spiritual Formation at the Seminary, and Rev. Robert Markovitch in residence at St. Basil. The Ceremony was preceded by a two-day period of retreat and recollection on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd. Beginning with Vespers on Saturday evening and ending with Moleben on Sunday afternoon, the silent retreat was centered on Christ’s call to every one of us. The retreat was led by Msgr. Canavan. The academic formation of the seminarians at St. Basil takes place at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, CT. Three of the seminarians take college courses with a concentration in philosophy, while the other three take English as a Second Language courses. Of the six seminarians, four are from Ukraine, one is from the United States, and one from Macedonia. At the Seminary, catechesis is taught by the “retired” Msgr. John Squiller, a former Rector and longtime teacher and track and field coach of the Seminary; Msgr. Canavan, in addition to Spiritual Formation, teaches Liturgy, Mr. Yuriy Yanovskiy, Cantor at St. Michael Church in Yonkers NY, teaches liturgical chant and music theory.



The 63nd Holy Dormition Pilgrimage, hosted by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Sloatsburg, NY on August 12 & 13, welcomed 4, 239 pilgrims who journeyed from near and far, including Canada. Although God’s graces and blessings come to us whether it is raining or sunny, God bestowed beautiful weather upon the pilgrims this weekend despite the predictions. The theme of the pilgrimage was Glory to God! Honor to Mary! Peace to Us!, which is the motto for the Sisters Servants. The pilgrimage opened on Saturday, August 12th with the celebration of the Akathist to the Mother of God by Fr. Jack Custer in St. Mary’s Chapel. The pilgrims flowed out into the gallery, and their resounding voices of praise seemed to echo throughout the Villa. In the evening Bishop Kurt Burnette, Bishop of the Byzantine Eparchy of Passaic, along with hierarchy and clergy from Stamford Eparchy, the Archeparchy of Philadelphia and the Byzantine Eparchy of Passaic, celebrated the moleben to the Mother of God in St. Mary’s Chapel again with an overflowing crowd of pilgrims. On Sunday, Aug. 13th, the pilgrims were lined up for confessions by 9:00 am and continued to prayerfully wait in long lines with over 20 dedicated priests, including a bishop, hearing confessions, from morning until the afternoon. The Pontifical Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Bishop Paul Chomnycky, Bishop Bohdan Danylo, Bishop John Bura, Bishop Basil Losten and concelebrating clergy. Archbishop Stefan could not attend due to health issues. In his homily, Bishop Paul expressed gratitude to the SSMI’s for their service, but also noted the possibility of the non-existence of the Sisters Servants in the U.S. in the near future, challenging families to respond to this need. Throughout the day, Divine Liturgy, various prayer services, the Stations of the Cross, the rosary, Moleben, blessing of the sick, activities for the children were available. Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI from Canada and Sr. Tekla Gnatyuk gave presentations about the history of the SSMI’s and how we continue to serve God’s people. Throughout the day, pilgrims reverently lit candles and prayed for their many intentions. Pilgrims stopped and shared with the sisters their stories. One family was in distress as the mother had lost the broach during the pilgrimage somewhere on the grounds. It was the broach which her husband gave her 37 years ago, which he purchased at the pilgrimage in Sloatsburg and it was here in Sloatsburg where they met and in time were married. Thankfully, the broach was found and returned. The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Hierarchy, clergy for their presence and spiritual leadership. We are grateful to all of the pilgrims who travelled to Sloatsburg to receive the plenary indulgence and other graces. Finally, we acknowledge and extend our sincere gratitude to the many volunteers from the League of Ukrainian Catholic, our Lay Associates, from the local parishes, from the village of Sloatsburg, and family members who helped us prepare for this huge endeavor, months in advance, the week before pilgrimage and during pilgrimage. We extend our gratitude the choirs who sang the responses to the Divine Liturgies. Our sincere gratitude to the parishes of St. Nicholas in Passaic, NJ, Transfiguration in Shamokin, NJ, St. Michael’s in Yonkers and SS Peter & Paul in Spring Valley, NY that donate each pilgrimage hundreds of dozens of pyrohy and help make holubchi. May the many blessings and graces received during the Holy Dormition Pilgrimage this year give us the love, wisdom and courage to witness Christ’s love during this year until the 64th Holy Dormition Pilgrimage on August 11 & 12, 2018.

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MARIAN KOCZANSKI (1954 - 2017)

Marian Koczanski, lifelong resident of Stamford, CT, passed away at her home on April 16, 2017. She was 63 years old. Marian was born on January 29, 1954 and was one of five children born to the late Peter and Mary (Tihansky) Koczanski.

Marian graduated from Stamford High School with the class of 1973. She worked as an administrative assistant at St. Basil’s Seminary. Marian was a member of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Catholic Church. She had a natural talent and love for music which was handed down to her from her father who was a former choir director and cantor at St. Vladimir Cathedral. Marian was at her happiest when she was singing as a member in the St Vladimir Cathedral Choir and the Mendelsohn Chorus.

Marian is survived by her sisters; Susan Rubino and Betty Koczanski, her brother; Zachary Koczanski (Kathi), a sister-in-law; Kathy Koczanski, her nieces and nephews; Tim, Matthew (Andrea), Alison and Lexi Koczanski, Jeremy and Brandon Rubino, and Lauren Butler (Brandon) and five grand nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents Marian was preceded in death by her brother, Gregory Koczanski.

Marian’s family will be receiving the sympathy and condolences of friends and family on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 from 4pm to 8pm, with a Parastas service taking place at 7pm, at Bosak Funeral Home, 453 Shippan Ave., Stamford, CT 06902. A funeral service will take place on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 9:00am at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Catholic Church, 24 Wenzel Terrace, Stamford, CT 06902. The interment will immediately follow the service at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Terryville, CT.




11 квітня у семінарії Святого Василія Великого у Стемфорді, КТ, відбулася конференція з нагоди 125-ліття з дня народження Патріарха Йосифа Сліпого на тему “Патріярх Йосиф - ісповідник віри, предстоятель УГКЦ”. Учасники конференції мали змогу почути наступні презентації: “Незламність, воля і віра” д-ра Володимира Сергійчука, історика і директора Центру українознавства Київського Національного Університету ім. Т. Г. Шевченка; “Патріярх Йосиф Сліпий і Америка” отця д-ра Івана Кащака; “Часопис <<Вісті з Риму>>: доба Йосифа Сліпого” д-ра Миколи Тимошика, професора Київського Національного Університету культури і мистецтв.

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Participants of the Cantor's Program "Services of the Passion Week" that took place at St. Basil Seminary on March 24-26, 2017.



During March 9-12, 2017 St. Basil Seminary in cooperation with the Ukrainian Catholic University was offering Bioethics Certificate Program. The presenters were Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary in Lviv Fr. Ihor Boyko, PHD, who is also the director of the Program of Bioethics at UCU, and Nataliya Tsiupa, MSB, lecturer in the School of Bioethics. The lectures touched very important moral and ethical issues like the beginning of human life, who is the human embryo?, prenatal diagnosis, abortion, reproductive technologies, human organ transplantation, euthanasia and suicide. The participants also had the opportunity to ask questions and do the case study on the presented issues.



SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

On September 24 2016 St. Basil Seminary held an Altar Boy Convention for the young altar servers from the parishes of the Eparchy of Stamford. Under the guidance of Bishop Paul Chomnycky, Eparch of Stamford, Father Roman Malyarchuk, rector of St. Basil Seminary and other assisting clergy from the Eparchy, the young men refreshed their knowledge and learned new things during the presentations about what does it mean to be an altar server. After the Divine Liturgy and lunch they had a recreation time in the seminary gym where they had an opportunity to practice their skills in shooting the ball in the basket. The recreation time was followed by the movie "Don Bosko" and dinner. This convention was a wonderful chance for young altar servers from the Eparchy of Stamford to deepen their knowledge about their role as altar servers and their relationship with God.

 Sincere thanks to all participants!

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REV. MAXIM KOBASUK, OSBM (1949 - 2016)

Rev Maxim Kobasuk, OSBM, fell asleep in the Lord in the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 5, 2016.


Over the years, Father Kobasuk served as Pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish in Hamtramck, MI, St. John the Baptist Parish in Kenmore, NY, St Vladimir Parish in Hempstead NY, and Holy Cross Parish in Long Island City, NY. He served as Spiritual Director at St. Basil Seminary in Stamford, as the Director of the Eparchial Cantors’ Workshops and a Director of the Deaconate Formation Program. To all he brought his quiet demeanor, his gentle sense of humor, his great piety and his most striking gift from God – his beautiful bass singing voice.

Please pray for the repose of his soul, his brother Mark and sister Carol and their families, and the Basilian community as they celebrate his life and mourn his death.



5-6 березня 2016 року у духовній семінарії  Святого Василія в Стемфорді відбувся «День відкритих дверей», в якому взяли участь Владика Павло Хомницький, ЧСВВ, протоієрей Роман Малярчук, ректор семінарії, о. Максим Кобасюк, ЧСВВ, духівник семінарії , священики нашої єпарії, юнаки, які приїхали з різних парафій та брати-семінаристи. Ректор семінарії – о. Роман Малярчук – розповів гостям історію заснування та розвитку закладу, в якому виховуються  майбутні  священнослужителі, підкресливши особливе значення  духовного покликання і служіння Богу і людям.   Опісля   семінаристи   провели  екскурсію, під час якої відвідувачі змогли ознайомитись з молитовним та  академічним життям студентів семінарії. Також у зустрічі взяли участь о. доктор Іван Кащак, який розповів про академічну підготовку майбутніх священиків; отці Ігор Мідзяк і Іван Мазурик говорили про духовне покликання, а о. Іван Тихович розповів про капеланське служіння священика в лікарнях, місцях позбавлення волі і війську. Після  вечірньої, зустріч суботнього дня  завершилась  частуванням у трапезній духовної семінарії. А відтак усі переглянули фільм «Risen».  Наступного недільного дня Кир Павло в співслужінні з семінарійними священиками  відслужив Божествену Літургію виголосивши чудову проповідь . Протягом двох днів усі спільно молилися, слухали духовні науки, обговорювали роль молодих людей у євангелізації сучасного світу та участь у житті Церкви. Гості  були приємно здивовані щирістю та відкритістю семінаристів, ерудованістю та люб'язністю викладачів, дбайливістю настоятелів. Можливість такої зустрічі стала за сприяння  Владики Павла Хомницького і отців Ігора Мідзяка, Івана Кащака, Івана Тиховича, Максима Кобасюка, Івана Мазурика, Тараса Чапаріна та ректора семінарії о. Романа Малярчука.



On Saturday, February 20 2016 in the chapel of St. Basil Seminary Very Rev. Roman Malyarchuk, Rector of St. Basil Seminary, celebrated the commemorative panakhyda for the Heavenly Hundred (Nebesna Sotnya), who gave their lives for Ukraine during the events on Maydan in 2014. Students and teachers of the School of Ukrainian Studies at St. Vladimir's Church, members of SUM and members of the Ukranian community were praying together for the repose of the souls of the fallen heroes of Maydan.

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On September 13 2015 on the grounds of St. Basil Seminary took place 48th Connecticut State Ukrainian Day Festival. It started with the Pontifical Divine Liturgy, celebrated by bishop Paul Chomnycky, OSBM, together with bishop-emeritus Basil Losten, Right Rev. Mitred Archpriest Ihor Midzak and Very Reverend Roman Malyarchuk. Congregational responses sung St. Vladimir Ukrainian Cathedral children’s choir under the direction of Oksana Bereza. After the Divine Liturgy started the festival program. It was opened by National Anthem of USA, sung by Marichka Sharavarnyk and National Anthem of Ukraine, sung by Protection of BVM parish choir, directed by Oksana Kit. Masters of ceremonies were Roman and Olena Stanislavsky. The following performers were participating in the festival progam: Zolotyi Promin (Hartford dance group), Yunist (NY dance group), Pavlishyn sisters, Kalynonka (Stamford dance group), Volodimir Verminskyy, Horlytsia (Long Island dance group), Victor Sydir, Vesna (Spring Valley NY dance group), Melania and Stephania Korenovsky, Stamford CYM Rusalky, Popovichi duet, Lorrie and Evelin Solonynka, Chornobryvci (Staten Island NY dance group), Valeriy Zhmud, Ariana Ostaphiychyk. Besides the wonderful festival program guests were also able to enjoy delicious food and purchase beautiful souvenirs from multiple vendors.

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On Saturday, May 9, Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky, Bishop of Stamford, ordained Reverend Deacon Andriy Krip to the Holy Priesthood. The ordination took place in the chapel of St. Basil Seminary in Stamford, CT. Congratulations to the Newly Ordained: AXIOS and Многая літа!

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On April 24-26 Cantor's workshop was held for cantors from the parishes of the Stamford Eparchy. Under the guidance of Ihor Boyko, the participants were improving their knowledge of the Resurrectional Tones.

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On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 20-22, an Open House was held for young men contemplating a possible vocation to the holy priesthood or religious life. The young men enjoyed a taste of seminary life including prayer, fellowship, good food and stimulating discussion on personal vocation.

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“To the Light of Resurrection through the Thorns of Catacombs” at St. Basil Seminary

This year we commemorate 25th Anniversary of the Reemergence of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. On this occasion, on November 15th, St. Basil Seminary hosted the exhibit entitled: “To the Light of Resurrection through the Thorns of Catacombs”. The exhibit was sponsored by the “Sophia” Association of the Ukrainian Catholics in U.S.

This Exhibit is a collection of unique photo materials and eye-witness testimony of clergy, religious and faithful who live through the years of Church in Catacombs (1939-1991).

The exhibit gave the opportunity to learn about the life of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the 20th century and heroic witness of faith.

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Congratulations to the Catechists of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Elvira Julek, Cecilia Daciuk, Ilesaveta Gardasz and Julia Bronski, who on October 29, 2014 celebrated the 25th anniversary of their service to Stamford Eparchy.




SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2014

September 18 – 20 St. Basil Seminary celebrated the 75th Anniversary of its founding in 1939. The festivity opened on Thursday evening with the Evening Prayers (the Sixth Hour) at the seminary chapel. The next day the alumni had a chance to visit various sites on the campus and reminisce the years spent at St. Basil’s. In the evening, the seminary hosted the Anniversary Banquet dinner attended by more then 200 guests. The Anniversary celebration concluded on Friday with the Thanksgiving Divine Liturgy and the Symposium dedicated to the history, as well as, the future of St. Basil Seminary. Ad Multos Annos dear St. Basil!

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